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“What’s In It For You?”

Xpand Analytics

Xpandretail Analytics is implemented to accumulate data over a time frame enabling businesses to make strategic decisions on day-to-day basis to improve conversion ratio, monitor marketing campaigns, control operational costs and set key performance touch-points for each department within an organization.The insights of data assists in understanding the current consumer flow and which locations are seeing higher footfall traffic.

Xpand Analytics

Xpand Fascia

Xpandretail is redefining traditional shelf-space with the first ever full motion, LED, full color video display for retail of all sectors utilizing a continuous high definition shelf face display. Xpand Fascia stimulates customer engagement through tailored product information, messaging, cross messaging, promotion and up-sell.

Xpand Fascia

Retail Indexing

With Xpandretail Analytics, be up to date on market trends across all verticals - locally and globally. Get a monthly measurement of footfall based on retail stores of different types and sizes. The report assists retailers in understanding the current consumer flow in the market and which locations are seeing higher footfall traffic.

Retail Indexing

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Optimizing the store’s layout

Optimizing the store’s layout

By implementing the Xpandretail Insight Analytic tool, retail business owners will get a clearer picture of the consumers shopping journey and touchpoints, once entering the store. The data derived from the process will assist business owners determine if the journey of the consumer within their business is crossing through any dead zones. It also will ensure if the business layout is easy accessible to other zones within the business.

Through Xpandretail Analytics retailers understand how product placement drives sales, what the value of an end-cap/feature is, and how shelf placement matters. With consumer journey data, retailers can implement a proper funnel analysis – not just at the store level (PoS/Door Counting) but at a detailed level within the store.

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With Xpandretail – retailers will get a vivid picture of how the product placement is having an effect on the generated visitor traffic. The analytic reporting delivers solutions for retailers on which product line is improving the store’s performance overall and which products are most appealing and of most value to the customers.

Merchandising effectiveness is important in recognizing the customer’s responsiveness to a product or display. Specific data will allow retailers to optimize displays, resulting in better sales and profit performance. Xpandretail provides measurable data points with clear visibility into the full path of purchase, starting from the outside store environment with the windows through the journey inside the store, including departments, aisles, displays, and fixtures.

Promotion Impact

Promotion Impact

Through the Xpandretail data reporting, retailers are enabled to compare visitor traffic data prior to marketing campaigns and post. Retailers can also get data allocated for a particular area within the business to measure the traffic level.

Retailers today are relying more on big data from diverse sources to deliver targeted promotional content. Overall, big data is at the core of data driven promotional activities. With Xpandretail Analytics departments can pinpoint the impact of increased emphasis on data driven promotion in higher conversions, customer acquisitions and retentions and delivering customized and targeted promotional content.

Product Displacement

Hot Or Cold Products

With Xpandretail Analytics, retailers get insights on essential non-moving products. The data provided will provide retailers a overview on zones which have high traffic but with little-to-none merchandise movement – indicating if the products are out dated or overvalued. With the Xpandretail reporting, business owners will understand the in-store staffing behavior patterns, marketing campaigns, and promotions which guide the consumer’s path to purchase.

Xpandretail technologies enable retailers to measure traffic and conversion rates for individual departments and entire stores. Such insights lead to better-informed and complementary product placements and more sales generated by cross-merchandising. It can also trigger ways to ensure that shoppers stay and spend more.

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Benchmark your business by integrating the data through in-store POS feeds to deliver key performance metrics, such as conversion rates — across all store locations, in real-time. Be able to easily spot norms, trends and outliers.

Retailers every single day receive long-range weather forecasts to work 8-10 days ahead. Apparently, the weather affects the shopping behavior of customers. As hot and cold weather can lead to the sales of certain products – it may also appear that weather forecasting dictates product placement within a store, ordering and supply (and demand) logistics for supermarket chains. Furthermore, retailers also use big data to tailor product selections and determine the timing of price markdowns.
As a business owner, you too can improve operations management and use the insights gained from Xpandretail analytics to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and limit the threat of fraud.



Xpandretail’s Analytical report provides enter-to-exit patterns of consumers within a business to understand key performance touch points in allocated zones within the store and optimizing the consumer’s path to purchase. By knowing the customers movement patterns is extremely useful for retailers. Allowing retailers to optimize the store layout and strategize about where to place popular vs. unpopular and expensive vs. cheap merchandises. The data also assists in identifying pricing complications. For example, if lots of people are touching an item but few are buying it, that suggests the merchandise is too expensive, or out-dated.

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Not keeping a close eye on inventory management can bring about major issues for any business. Inventory is seemingly the most critical piece of your business. At the point when products are purchased and sold, they create the income you need to run your company.


Over the last several decades, companies have depended heavily on analytics to give them an upper hand and enable them to be more effective. Analytics have turned into an expected part of the bottom line and no longer provide the advantages that they once did.


Enterprise mobility is effective as it deals with the hassles in this area and heralds positive results. Mobility has assisted companies in retail and also consumer industries with capitalizing on their past CRM investments.


Numerous times it becomes difficult to directly communicate to your clients because of time and distance barriers. Digital signage breaks the communication barriers and conveys important messages in an extremely systematic way. It helps in conveying basic data through visual and textual representation. This makes the communication process simplified and hassle free.


The expression “there power in numbers” is valid for many things, however this is particularly true for an owner. Knowing how many individuals are entering your store or restaurant is a key factor in assessing your business’ performance, making revenue projections and figuring out what marketing strategies are the best.


While innovation and mobile adoption continues, the rise of all-in-on logistics providers is reinforcing worldwide competition by making a more level playing field for international shipping and transaction processing. In the case of building an omnichannel approach or simply testing another market, the urgency for a comprehensive and well-planned global digital commerce strategy is clear.


People based marketing represents an industry shift from focusing on devices to connecting with the right individuals at the right time, with the correct message. Instead of focusing on marketing to devices based on cookies, which is fraught with inadequacies, marketers would now be able to contact individuals over the numerous devices they utilize.


An omni-channel strategy enables the store associates to arm themselves with tools that enlarge their access to information & promotes productivity. Retailers must form omnichannel retail systems that look past having an on the web or store-only presence.


Your people counting system provider should have the capacity to answer certain inquiries regarding how the system will be incorporated with your business’ ongoing system.


Settling on the choice to streamline your business operations with a people counting system is simple. The hard part is discovering perfect people counter for your business’s unique entranceway or busy area.

Our Story

Delivering Analytics for over 15 years

Xpandretail powered by Sávant Data System (SDS) LLC, is the leading business intelligence and solutions provider for businesses across the Middle East and Asian sub-continent. We deliver a wide range of People counting system, retail business intelligence, retail customer analytics, footfall counting machine & retail traffic counter device that will assist in any facility monitor pedestrian traffic. Our retail traffic counter device gives actionable data which helps in organizations improvement profitability and also increases operational efficiency.

Since the year 2000, Xpandretail powered by Sávant Data System (SDS) LLC has installed retail traffic counter devices, footfall counting and people counting devices in multiple locations globally; most of which are based on the Retail industry, Supermarkets, Malls, Airports & Duty Free, Public Transportation, Civic institutions such as libraries and museums, Banks and Amusement Parks. Our Solutions enable retail stores in calculating their conversion rates, measure their store performances, analyze their marketing and in-store effectiveness’s and much more, all by introducing them to accurate people counting data.

Headquartered in Dubai, the commercial hub of the Middle East, our market coverage extends to 40 countries which includes the middle East, Asia Pacific countries, USA and India. With a strong team of highly qualified, skilled and certified personnel and channel partners, we stay at the forefront with the leading edge of technology by evolving with the market trends, adopting new technologies and setting high standards to ultimately benefit our customer. Our vast experience in highly diverse markets ensures that all our solutions benefit from adopting the best practices approach, to deliver a distinct edge in today’s technology-driven business scenario.

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Vic Bageria Chief Visionary Officer
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Rajiv Prasad Chief Innovation Catalyst
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Ameet Gwalani Chief Business Enabler
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