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Set benchmarks for rent. Compare performance for multiple zones. Discover the attention level within your malls.

Get Real-Time Footfall Tracking Data Into Your Business: Adult, Group, Level Count, Gender + MORE

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Improving Business Efficiency Through Our BI & Footfall Counting Solutions

Get Real-Time Footfall Tracking Data Into Your Business: Adult, Child, Passerby, Gender + MORE

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Best and Cost Effective RFID Solution Provider in the region.

Product solutions including UHF, passive, active, hf, lf, interfaces. Maximize Efficiency in Retail Management! Monitor and track from inventory and assets in real-time.

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People Counting & RFID Solutions

Boost Your Conversion Rates & Business Productivity

Our business intelligence and retail analytics solutions give you access to relevant, actionable data that helps you make informed strategic decisions that will improve your organization’s operational efficiency and productivity.

Xpandretail’s range of solutions, which include footfall counting, heat mapping, queue management, and RFID and inventory tracking, have increased conversion rates and improved the business operations of our clients. Many have reported a boost in profits within 60 days.

Schedule a product demo today to see first-hand how our technology and services can positively impact your business.

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Xpand Retail

• Monitor Live Occupancy Metrics • Real-Time Footfall Counting with 98% accuracy • Boost conversions in 60 days • Identify genders, ages & unique customers • Eliminate abandonment rates • Discover popular zones in store • Compare campaign effectiveness • Optimize shifts to align staff with peak hours

Xpand Retail

mall footfall counting system, people counting, crowd management, footfall tracking
Xpand Malls

• Monitor Live Occupancy Metrics • Real-Time Footfall Counting with 98% accuracy • Set benchmarks for rents • Monitor footfall for fire security • Compare performance of multiple zones • Monitor & Compare Floor Performances • Popular Area Detection

Xpand Malls

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Xpand RFID

• Monitor supply chain from factory to store • Improved accuracy 100% every 1 minute • 20% Reduction in Restocking Labor • Track Aging Products • Non-Contact tag reading • Faster inventory counts • In-store stock control and security • Locate misplaced/missing inventory

Xpand RFID

With The XR Footfall Counting System Get Your Visitor Counts & Monitor Your Occupancy In Real Time

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AI & Big Data

Optimizing the store’s layout

  • Through the XR Footfall Counting System, get transparency of the consumers shopping journey once entering the store
  • Determine hot and dead zones – ensuring the business layout is accessible to other zones
  • Understand product placement and which products are driving sales
  • Implement a proper funnel analysis – not just at the store level (PoS/Door Counting) but at a detailed level within the store.

RFID Inventory / Asset Tracking

  • Eliminate manual count for merchandise using traditional inventory crews – traditional hand-held RFID readers
  • Collect data to update the inventory every 1 minute with 100% precision with superior performance & accuracy
  • Get an item’s identity, location, and authenticity – refer to as item intelligence in real-time
  • Utilize the inbuilt powerful API features to create & develop new innovative marketing tools and applications
  • Enable full In-store stock inventory & asset control which heightens your security processes

Promotion Impact

  • Compare visitor traffic data with the XR Footfall Counting System before & after marketing campaigns
  • Get data allocated for a particular area/zone within the business to measure the traffic level
  • Measure marketing effectiveness by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns
  • Understand customer acquisitions and retentions by delivering customized and targeted promotional content
  • Optimize window and displays effectiveness for passerby customers

Hot Or Cold Products

  • XR Footfall Counting System enables real-time insights on essential non-moving products
  • Get overview on zones which have high traffic but little-to-none merchandise movement
  • Understand staffing behavior patterns, marketing campaigns, and promotions guiding the consumer’s path to purchase
  • Measure traffic and conversion rates for individual departments and entire stores
  • Get Real-Time insights leading to product placements for more sales generated by cross-merchandising
  • Enable triggers with product allocation data to ensure that shoppers stay and spend more


  • XR Footfall Counting System allows you to benchmark your business by integrating the data through in-store POS feeds
  • Obtain key performance metrics, such as conversion rates — across all store locations, in real-time
  • Identify and spot norms, trends and outliers within the business
  • Tailor product selections and determine the timing of price markdowns
  • Use the real-time insights to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and limit the threat of fraud


  • Understand enter-to-exit patterns of consumers within a business with the  XR Footfall Counting System features
  • Get real-time key performance touch points in allocated zones within the store and optimizing the consumer’s path to purchase
  • Understand customers movement to optimize the store layout and strategize placement popular vs. unpopular and expensive vs. cheap merchandises
  • Identify pricing complications. For example, if lots of people are touching an item but few are buying it, that suggests the merchandise is too expensive, or outdated

Get Your Insights

On Your In-Store Operations

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Bonus XR Footfall Counting System Features

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Compare Success Rates

Across All Stores

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Track New, Repeat & Cross Store

Customer Traffic

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Leverage Omnichannel Retailing

Data For In-Store Engagement

Start Your Journey

Connect Your XR Footfall Counting System Through Any Smart Device

Download The Xpandretail Online App To Get The Full Scope Of The XR Footfall Counting System Features & Understand The Customers Journey In The Palm Of Your Hands

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