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Footfall Analytics Is Crucial For Survival

Footfall analytics doesn’t limit to the real-time counting of people passing in any direction, but it provides retailers with other helpful insights to improving overall performance. For instances, it monitors queue management, as it can track how many visitors or customers are standing at a queue and deploy real-time push notification to the employees.


Evolution Of Tags

The RFID technology has replaced barcoding systems in the recent years. If you are a mediocre or a large scaled business, you know exactly how time-consuming and expensive inventory management is in the recent years RFID has been excessively used to solve serious business challenges that the retailers and manufacture face.


Leveraging Analytics to Drive Retail Growth

Analytics provides greater insights to the retailer regarding shrinkage, as the manager is able to access information on an employee on duty, shoplifting time, pattern and shoplifting prone areas. Based on the analytics retailer can take proactive steps to train employees to have a tighter observation in certain areas.