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The uses of a web counter and how it works

When a company installs a web counter through a software application, then the number increases every time a unique visitor accesses the particular web page. The web counters are still famous, and companies use them extensively on websites. However, the high-tech analytic applications are now slowly replacing them. The number of hits represented by the counter [...]


Why people counting is essential in the retail business?

People counting is a very successful trend of the latest era that helps retailers in progressing as a profitable organization. The performances based on analytics and statistics are also kept a strict eye on, to improve the customer relationship. The retail stores need to maintain a check and balance on who is entering their premises, [...]


What is customer experience analytics?

Every retail store, whether in a mall or on the roadside, needs to remain aware of the precise data that helps in understanding the current popularity among the customers. In addition, it makes sure that the customers have a smooth and convenient shopping experience. Therefore, it assists in enabling high-efficiency performances by the staff, technological [...]


How is the crowd managed via people counting?

Nowadays there are a lot of public places in the country known to be exceptionally crowded due to certain attractions. Whether it is malls, airport, or any other area, there is a need for optimal crowd management by first correctly analyzing the exact number of people who enter and exit in a specified time period. [...]