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Big Data – The State Of Play

Companies that begin to implement big data analytics successfully can reap rich rewards from cost-saving efficiencies and revenue-generating innovations. Big Data will enable businesses to achieve a digital transformation, allowing them to maintain competitiveness in the face of any disruptive startups—which are data-driven almost by definition—that spring up in their markets. 


The Age of Hands Free RFID Solutions

UHF Gen2 RFID Technology is providing retailers with new opportunities to reduce cost, boost consumer satisfaction and raise revenue. The new age RFID landscape enables organizations to access to more accurate and frequent inventory data. This allows both retailers and vendors to improve the product availability and cut back on inventory costs.



Exceptional service is a must for an ideal shopping experience. To thrive in today’s competitive environment, retailers must exceed service standards. Exceptional service standards include logistics, which play an even greater role in the consumer experience now as shoppers expect faster shipping, flexible delivery options including in-store pickup, and traditional in-home delivery.