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Jewelry RFID Solutions

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RFID Student Tracking System

The RFID-powered live data
analytics & inventory management
solution for jewelers

“Enable RFID. Empower Users. Engage Customers. Enhance Business”

Optimize efficiency and accuracy of stock verification

Identify patterns based on in-store interactions

Enhance customer experience to maximize business

Business Objectives

Improve Returns on Investment (ROI) in Technology

Xpand-Irys products are aimed not only at optimizing efficiency and accuracy of stock verification processes, but also at providing valuable Business Intelligence for effective planning of production, stocking and movement of Jewelry products to maximize business gains


3-4 Months

Increase efficiency of Stock Verification


10-12 Months

Improve Staff Utilization


6-8 Months

Reduce cost of Inventory


12-18 Months

Improve Sales & increase profit

What we provide

RFID Expertise for your domain. One stop shop for all your needs

  • Best in class RFID Hardware
  • Easy to use Software
  • High Quality Consumables
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Consulting based on Global Experience

Tiara – Tablet App

Single Mobility Solution for Customer Engagement as well as Inventory Management

Product Catalogue

Showcase all your designs irrespective of their physical availability

Stock Audit

Scan items accurately and effortlessly at an incredible speed of 30 items/sec

Item Search

Save time spent on locating missing items or looking for specific items from back stock

Smart View

Compare multiple items based on different attributes an shortlist through a single consolidated view

XR-Jewelry Value Proposition

The obvious partner of choice for your RFID needs


Cost-effective solution with excellent RFID performance


Tried and tested mature product in use by 300+ customers globally


Complete Solution Suite including Business Analytics


One-stop-shop with Hardware & Consumables Stocking in Singapore, HK, India, and USA


RFID partnerships with leading Jewellery ERP vendors for seamless integration / dataflow