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The Xpandretail RFID retail traffic counter solution eliminates the requirement to manually count merchandise using traditional inventory crews, and even traditional Hand-Held RFID readers. With our ceiling mounted, patented RFID readers, providing superior performance and accuracy - the data collected from the readers is used to update the inventory, every 1 minute to 100% precision.


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Warehouse & Distribution

Xpandretail HANDS-FREE RFID Solution streamlines inventory and asset management by creating a live view record of where items are. In the end result, businesses can focus on addressing the tasks which they are trained to do, which isn’t necessarily heading into a warehouse on a scavenger hunt of lost items.

Warehouse & Distribution

warehouse management, wms, rfid, inventory tracking
Insdustrial & Manufacturing

Xpandretail HANDS-FREE RFID Solution cut back on manufacturers and production lines signicant time and money; manufacturing companies are able to save money on labor and see an increase in efficiency. With the RFID Reader Zoner Monitor System, the client’s tools compliance and management program now become automated. A self-managed system that can support personnel to locate expired tools and alert management is an expired tool ever makes its way to a production station.

Industrial & Manufacturing

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Range of RFID Tags

Printing/ Encoding Tags & Labels

Users can quickly print or encode RFID tags, by entering an item number on the Xpandretail RFID dashboard, and clicking the print button. Continue printing product labels as they normally do, from within their 3rd party software, rather than inconveniencing the user to use a totally separate software to print product labels.

Inventory Removal & Addition from Asset Tracking

Assets can be removed or decommissioned from the Xpandretail RFID Cloud Dashboard, Xpandretail RFID Windows Desktop App, API or a 3rd party software.

Automated Shipment Receiving Auditing with Alert/ Reporting

As soon as even one item from the shipment is received the shipment voucher is marked as received in Xpandretail RFID and as every item is seen by the RFID readers, they are automatically marked to received.

If in four hours of delivery all the items in the shipment are not visible and not received store management will get an email alert to address or report the issue.

Theft Detection & Alert using Door Readers

Automated alerts to the concerned personnel as soon as an unauthorized item is detected by door readers on the premise.

Hand-Held Readers Supported

Xpandretail RFID solution is 100% compatible with hand-held RFID as well. Users can scan and upload the inventory directly to the dashboard as often as desired.

Replenishment Alerts Below Set Thresholds

Xpandretail RFID Solution alerts the concerned personnel as soon as a product quantity drops below the set threshold, so that the products can be replenished within due time.

Inventory Analysis & Comparison

To help personnel locate and return misplaced or separated items from their groups, the system displays the location of the misplaced items within the location floor plan, as well as their group locations.

Visual Display of Moving Items

To help personnel locate and return misplaced or separated items from their groups, the system displays the location of the misplaced items within the location floor plan, as well as their group locations.

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Additional Bonus Features

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Locate and return misplaced items or separated from their groups.

xpandretail, savant data system, people counting

Users can scan & upload live inventory on to the dashboard.

xpandretail, savant data system, retail analytics, footfall traffic

Inventory / Assets can be removed or decommissioned via APi and a 3rd party software.

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